sound system in fedora memo

Current situation:1. This can work:
[guyang@digi02 ~/Download]$ kaffeine
[email protected]
to support the audio playing and video decoder.2.Shutting off mic and front mic for outputting, otherwise white noise
and some other noise can be heard when the volume is high enough.
The same equipments do not matter for inputting.3. The skype can work sometimes using the following command line,
artsdsp -m skype,
and selecting the right (which one is right is not fixed) audio device.
Mic never works.Sometimes it just report playback problem or audio capture problem again.
The problem may be resolved after rebooting sometimes.4. mplayer installed. But when it plays, there is no sound with some
error messages.
artsdsp -m mplayer
does not work either.Harking continuous.

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